Dynamically save and recall all LIVE parameters using pattr system

    Dec 01 2009 | 11:45 pm
    Hi everyone. I'm just starting to dig into Max4Live. The firt thing that I would like to make is a preset management system for Live. Something I've always thought was missing in Live as a performance instrument. Wouldn't it be great to be able to click one button on apc40 and have all of live's mixer and devices to automatically tweak themselves back to an optimal setting for that scene? I've done this before either by going to max or by recording dummy automation clips, but this is really cumbersome, and you have to select each parameter you want to map individually. So I want to make a m4l device that would save and recall all of lives mixer and device parameters dynamically. The preset called would be associated to the slot number of the currently playing clip in the track the projecte M4L device would be on.
    I haven't used pattr in the past but I think it might be the best way to go. I'm also very interedted in the interpolation capacity, which would allow one to crossfade between subsequent presets.
    Ideally it would be nice to do this the smart way and dynamically map all of the mixer and device paremeters to the pattr system withought having to actually patch innumerable patcher cables. Does anyone have any pointers on how to go about this? The Live Object Model is still a bit opaque to me and it isn't clear how if there is a way to "observe everything" in Live. Also it seems ridiculous to have to go to gui objects like a float box for each of the parameters in order for them to appear in the pattr system.
    Anyone have any great ideas? I haven't dabbled much in the dynamic creation of patches but it seems like the live object model may force me to do this.
    any pointers appreciated.

    • Dec 04 2009 | 8:56 pm