efficient qt loading and use in performing live

    Mar 11 2011 | 1:31 am
    i am after the most efficient way of doing the following:
    loadbang causes the loading of 40 short clips into RAM insert the first 10 into 10 jit.qt.movies when i turn a midi selector 1 to the right, replace the 10 movies with the next 10 in the list the opposite when i turn it to the left.
    i have a midi controller with (say) 10 buttons and (say) 1 knob used to select a set of clips for the buttons used to trigger them, so that when performing, i can access all 40 clips with a quick turn of the dial and bang, straight into the next set.
    thinking about this problem i was thinking of inserting the audio/video onto individual tracks of a quicktime movie:
    track 0 movie video 0 track 1 movie audio 0 track 2 movie video 1 track 3 movie audio 1 track 4 ...
    but there's not much detail on the forum about addtrack and this feels wrong. also, the read message replaces the whole movie in the jit.qt.movie object. and i only really want 10 jit.qt.movie objects in my patch cos sometimes i might load 60 or 80 clips (I have plenty of ram).
    any comments on how to do this most efficiently in terms of time loading and then in use RAMGPU would be great. I'm using uyvy for everything already.