Jan 21 2006 | 1:27 am
    Hi List,
    Recently, a friend of mine asked me about how to graph the envelope of
    an audio input over time. This week's example comprises my answer, a
    patch that gives a visual read-out of the signal envelope over a
    specified time interval.
    This patch is especially useful for those of you who are interested in
    using envelope-following to modulate some other parameter, and would
    just like to know what kind of data you're working with. I chose to use
    an aesthetic based around the familiar function UI-object.
    Besides demonstrating a way to roll your own heart-monitor, it also
    shows some techniques for doing simple procedural animation using OpenGL
    sketch messages and matrix data.
    I hope you all enjoy, and have a great weekend.
    Happy Patching!
    Andrew B.
    Cycling '74
    max v2;

    • Jan 21 2006 | 8:56 am
      Hi Andrew,
      I had to modify something in your patch to get it work here (latest
      maxmspjitter for windows) : the green background quad was drawn in front (Z
      = 0.) and masking everything else, so I had to set it to a lower Z position
      (-0.01 is ok).
      (Below modified patch)
      That gives me the opportunity to say you: Thanks very much Andrew for all
      your patches, please continue sharing as you do, it's very helpful!
      Maybe it would be a good idea to post your patches also somewhere on the web
      ; I mean it would be easier to access them : searching in the huge max mail
      archive for all messages posted by andrewb@cycling74.com is not so fun (I
      did it recently to check if I didn't missed some of your patches, and I
      realised that I missed a lot of them!).
      Doing it would also allow you to add your patches to www.maxobjects.com
      (there is a "patch" category, almost empty for the moment...)
      Mathieu Chamagne
      max v2;