embedding max windows with cocoa - effect on multithreading?

    Mar 20 2013 | 7:48 pm
    as I read if someone wants to benefit from Max's multithreading capabilities it is advisable to work with several open patchers with toplevel.
    Since Max windows (in OSX )can be retrieved with:
    NSView* view;
    object_method(open_p_topview, gensym("nativewindow"), (void **)&view);
    NSWindow* win = [view window];
    Does it have an affect on multithreading when windows are embedded into another using s.th like:
    [main_window addChildWindow: window_to_embed  ordered:NSWindowAbove];
    (which is declared in NSWindow.h) ?
    Although I'm pretty sure it doesn't it would be nice if someone could confirm this.
    Greetings, Alex