Emulate a computer keyboard to control a MiniDisc Recorder

    Sep 27 2007 | 3:58 pm
    Hi Maxers,
    Everything is in the title: I'd like to control a MiniDisc Recorder (SONY MDS-E10) via the keyboard port but with a computer instead of a keyboard...
    I'm wondering if I can emulate keyboard datas (with a serial port for instance). I've got a Keyspan USB to serial adapter.
    Any idea? How to wire stuff together? What should I send to the serial object?
    Thanks in advance for your answers...

    • Sep 28 2007 | 9:11 am
      Any idea?
      Even if to say that's impossible?
    • Sep 28 2007 | 10:33 am
      hi there. it sure is possible, but you left some information out. start here
      there are ready made solutions out there.
      those it have a ir remote? might be easier to "sniff" the remote commands
      and feed it wireless(ly), this method is used by some home built PVR
      configurations (to change channels before recording etc.)
      if you have more questions feel free.
      On 9/28/07, benoit simon wrote:
      > Any idea?
      > Even if to say that's impossible?