Enabling communication between a subpatch and poly~ using pattr

    Feb 03 2013 | 2:54 pm
    I've come across one last initial hurdle in my max project that I'm needing a hand with. Currently I am trying to make a system that automates the process of turning on/muting DSP/controlling looping of dozens of channels within my max project but I am having difficulty in figuring out how to make a subpatch and a poly~ object communicate with each other in my project.
    I know I could use send and receive easily but that would require a large number of them. I am looking to pass effectively a 0 or 1 message for each of the states discussed above at specific points within a timeline - much like in any DAW sequencer with audio tracks. I am making use of a gate message combined with thispoly to tell it what specific gate to send the message down in the poly object but the issue is passing the message into the right inlet through the use of pattr and attaching a script name to an object - I can't get them to bind to each other at all, only when they are in the patch they will. If anyone has a better way to go about this please help, my method is just yielding no results. Here's my project

    • Feb 03 2013 | 2:57 pm
      To add to that, the poly~ patch is inside the soundsytem subpatch which is inside the sourcemonitor subpatch. The Timing System Patch is the one I am trying to get it to communicate with.