End of pattern in ice.lattice

    Apr 06 2008 | 8:54 pm
    Hi all,
    Finally had some time to dive into ice.lattice.
    Something i couldn't find in the manual: let's say i'm recording a pattern on the fly in a lattice of 500 rows. After recording it seems i only used 200 rows. Is there a way of cropping the pattern to these 200 rows, also on the fly, so the thing start looping just the portion i've recorded?
    Any help much appreciated, and if i'm overlooking something, kick me.

    • Apr 07 2008 | 10:35 am
      >Finally had some time to dive into ice.lattice.
      >Is there a way of cropping the pattern to these 200 rows,
      There is the setpatlen message, which you can see at work inside the Inspector (never forget that Inspectors are just patchers that you can open up and pick apart for useful messages). So you could hook up a number box to a message box (for instance 'setpatlen 0 $1'), connect the message box to lattice, and then you've got a quick pattern length adjustment in your patch.
      There are various ways you can connect a key or ice.key object to open up a gate on a special keystroke you define, and have lattice's third outlet (current row number) trigger the setpatlen message.
      If you're wanting to crop to something like "rows 100-300"... I think that would be possible, but you would have to do some complicated patching.
      One important thing to note: setpatlen messages are destructive. When you shorten a pattern, the rows that were beyond the new last row are *gone*. This was a deliberate design decision, but we realize people would like to be able to contract and expand patterns and while retaining previously entered data, so that the data reappear when the lattice re-expands. A non-destructive solution for changing pattern lengths is on the to do list, but no promises or dates at this point in time.
      Best -- Peter
    • Apr 07 2008 | 3:56 pm
      Thanks Peter, i'll try that. But it seems i have a problem with my patch, i.e. it won't open anymore. Can i pm you with some details?