Enhanced multikey mono?

    Oct 23 2013 | 5:33 am
    I redesigned my polyvoice module (downloadable from the toolbox) so it keeps a history list of previous notes which are still on, in played order. This is useful for an enhanced mono mode where one can keep play a bass line with the left hand and a fast lead on the right, and when the right hand releases all keys, the monophonic output generates a pitch/gate pair for the last played note. Has anyone suggestions on the UI options for this?
    Meanwhile It took me a while to figure out how to stop wiring congestion for the output logic. What I did was put the outlets in a row and the inlets in a column, making a wire grid. Before I did this I had some wiring problem that prevented addition of a bank list for MIDI multi mode. Now it's crystal clear :)

    • Oct 24 2013 | 3:28 am
      So while waiting for any real feedback, I made a single control input for a DUO channel wrapper around the polyvoice object which accepts the following attributes:VOICES - Sets the total number of voices allocated for both channels in the poly~ object and allocator. SPLITNOTE - Sets the pitch for channel splits, in MIDI pitch tones. SPLIT - Sets duo-channel mode, with values:
      • 0 - Notes below SPLITNOTE go to channel 1, above SPLITNOTE, go to channel 2.
      • 1 - Notes go to both channel1 and channel 2.
      • 2 - Notes go to channel 1.
      • 3 - Notes go to channel 2. DETUNE - Sets an amount, in cents, by which channel 2 is detuned from channel 1.XP1 - Sets transposition of channel 1 from received pitch, in semitones.XP2 - Sets transposition of channel 2 from received pitch, in semitones.
      On each new note, the duo object resends the parameters for that channel to the voice before sending it a note. That way the two channels can be in the same poly~ object. The example contains a subtractive synth patch with separate panels to set the parameters for channel 1 and channel 2.