Entering equations in max

    Jan 22 2006 | 4:39 pm
    Hi all
    I am aiming to use max/msp as the interface for a listening test I will run next month. Essentialy I want to make a program which automatically selects one of 2 algorithms and mathmatically processes an audio file according to the selected algorithm then outputs the signals to the relevant speakers. Is this sort of thing possinble in max/msp. Any help greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Ian

    • Jan 22 2006 | 4:53 pm
      Absolutely. If the processing can be done live, you could route output from sfplay~ left or right using "gate~ 2" in order to apply one or the other processing. Objects like poly~, mute~ and/or pass~ might be useful to avoid processing taking place in the algorithm that is not currently used.
      If the processes are to heavy to do in real time, you could look into mxj in order to do processing on the content of a buffer~. Check out the documentation and java code for "mxj~ buf.Op".
      If the sound to be processed is the same all the time, and the two processes are also constant, the simplest solution would be to prepare the sound files beforehand, and decide on the fly which one to play.
      Best, Trond