Envelope on an audio track / like Guitar-Rig envelope

    Mar 07 2013 | 3:43 pm
    i am new to MaxForLive/Live9 Suite. Have Reaktor and Bidule though.. It's great. ..but there's a prob. (I have a nice effect setup in guitar-rig, but the same setup in live with max-help would be..better.)
    So..There is this Envelope in midi-effect-section of MaxForLive:
    -I want to use it in an effect-rack on an audio-track. -A macro then triggers the envelope... Sorry, that i didn't have the time to look deeper into max. More i don't want atm.
    It seems it should be pretty easy. Can anyone help? All i need is a little hint..
    -------------------------------------------------- What i did:
    -First opened the layout of the Envelope and copied the structure -then made a new max audio-effect and pasted all next to the plugi-in/plug-in out...and saved new. :roll:
    Positive: It could be loaded on an audio-track Problem: the GUI is messed up..the structure is shown, although it looks good in max.
    In Guitar-Rig is an envelope, that does exactly what i want...(but AbeLive has way more effects) --------------------------------------------------

    • Mar 07 2013 | 4:10 pm
      Sorry for the quality..but the uploading changed it.
      ----------------------------------------- Attached detailed view: (it changed the pic order..during upload..)
    • Mar 08 2013 | 12:28 am
      Max audio effect: -LFO *check -Envelope-Follower *check -Envelope *hmmm, lets do it as midi-effect..
      What changes does it need, to change it into an "audio-effect"? My guess: -Envelope needs a trigger-button (presentated on the GUI), wich must be automatable. ..then delete the midi-input crap (i saw some suspicious modules ;)...) - solve the left over tiny problems..(there was a sheet which sad it couldn't load some stuff, when i pasted it in - didn't find it again..) --- Problem for me: There's no point in wasting much time on learning max. Better to scrap it then... (AbeLive went 1.0 with session automation..but max is not ready it seems)
      -Reaktor would be no prob basically...but imho it will cost too much CPU...for what i want. (quantity.. ;) ) (edit: Testing reaktor. But even if it works.. guitar-rig envelope is still superior)
    • Mar 08 2013 | 8:09 pm
      It is close to working but... i NEED SOME HELP!
      All looks good, but after a macro is mapped to the Env. The macro-knob doesn't get any data when the Env. is triggered.
      Any hints? Layout is attached
      --------------------------------------- OMfG..what a waste of time..
    • Mar 08 2013 | 9:34 pm
      Maybe someone can build this. ....i would/will pay you for it. Thx.
    • Mar 09 2013 | 10:12 am
      Hello Klinke,
      Does this what you want? -> http://tinyurl.com/axxpx9r
      Best, Christian
    • Mar 09 2013 | 11:35 am
      thank you for the reply.
      I tested the patch. Thanks for the upload. Unfortunately it did not send any data. (Like with my copy 'n paste try) It could be mapped to a rack-macro, but it didn't change the macro knob value. But... there is a chance, that i made a mistake...
      Also i realized now (my mistake), that i need an envelope, which has a loop/hold function. + a different behaviour of the "sustain". -> press button/XYpad (attack kicks in) -> hold button/XYpad (loop/hold phase) -> release button/XYpad (the release kicks in)
      ..Guitar-Rig has it..it's very nifty + it has a good preset storage. I found just one tiny bug...
      The Max envelope has a sustain function...It would be interesting to see, how far i would get with it. (in a different setup)
      ---- Max-team, please make an audio-effect-envelope with a loop/hold function. +The sustain-button should release (go over to release-phase) after switching off, imho. (maybe put in additional breakpoints, too)
    • Mar 09 2013 | 12:23 pm
      I'm not sure if i completely understand what you want and i don't know guitar rig. What exactly do you mean with "it doesn't send any data"? What data, where and when? Did you know that the envelope behavior can be switched to loop mode already? Sustain is in the above example without function since it's triggered by a Macro/mouse/mapping.
      If you put the envelope in a rack and map the trigger to a macro, it does what you described in your initial post....
    • Mar 09 2013 | 1:20 pm
      - you may have missed my edits ;) -
      There are some differences. And yes it always depends on what one needs and then may prefer other behaviours.
      ..Loop-thing in Guitar-Rig is different than Loop in m4l-Envelope (no full loop through). -edit-
      The m4l-env does not move over into release phase, after the sustain-button is turned off. That doesn't make any sense imho, because then you have to trigger the env again to make the signal go to zero. It is limiting more.
      With "no signal" i meant, that after i map the env-CC-signal(map field) to a knob....the knob gets no signal when the env is triggered with mouse. I could be wrong... Does the env-signal have an effect on the thing you mapped it to?
    • Mar 09 2013 | 2:34 pm
      Audio-envelope unfortunately does not work.
      The papa-midi-effect works like expected..when triggered it's sending data to any mapped device-knob on the same ...midi-track.
    • Mar 09 2013 | 4:29 pm
      Ah, yes. My bad. Simply open the patch and connect the snapshot~ object with the inlet of the mapping bpatcher.... Let me know if you need help with this.
    • Mar 09 2013 | 4:33 pm
      i marked the missing connection with red:
    • Mar 10 2013 | 2:44 am
      It works.
      Thank You very much. Sorry to steal your time. Thanks for sharing and helping out.
      Sorry for all the "non-M4L" terms. (data, signal etc.)
      ------------------------------------ Do you want some Euros for your work? (i said it..)
      ---- edit: I linked to this thread from Ableton-forum. https://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=190540&p=1488676#p1488676