enver ending fade help!

    Apr 18 2006 | 3:33 pm
    So Iam trying to erase the fade of the first and last image that is drawn to
    the render. I am not able to control that fade. it seems to happen when it
    stays still or when it reacts with other colors from the other images that
    are accumulated on the render.
    I do not know if the lumakey object was the best option for me. It dies
    accumulate each image that is drawn, so that is great! it is what I was
    looking for, but the first image and the last one that are drawn continues
    to fade and starts getting so pixelated that it ruins my piece!!
    Please any help on this, I just one that to stop that from happening, the
    images gets so ugly and dark.
    Maybe I should erase the first one that is drawn? but people want to see
    what they stamp, and I am limited by my begginner jitter knowledge.
    here is part of the patch that has to do with this issue.
    Also I do not know what I am doing wrong, but nobody ever reply to my
    messages! I do not know if at this point is worth it for me to continue
    writing to the list?
    Is my english the problem?
    here is part of the patch that has to do with this, then there is the
    subpatch for each image and a sample of an image
    this is a part the general patch
    the sub patch for each image