Equivalent of AutoLayout, or Explicit Layouts for Max UIs?

    Dec 03 2014 | 7:41 pm
    Hi all,
    I am curious if anyone here has taken the time to find a way to make a "one size fits all" user interface for their Max-based application.
    In other words, a way to make a single UI that would look good on any screen size/resolution.
    I am very interested in solving this problem as it's one of the last few challenges I still face before I can release what I hope will be a very useful app.
    Here's where I am so far: I can use the screensize object to more or less figure out all the screen resolutions of a single monitor or multimonitor setup.
    The first thing I'd want to do is inform the user that they need to pick their preferred monitor to use if I detect a multi-monitor setup, since naturally the UI will only be designed for a single monitor.
    This should bring me to a finite list of possible resolutions. From here, I suppose I have two options:
    1. Brute force a set of rules for every possible resolution and retrieve explicit positions for each portion of the UI for that resolution, say from a coll object. 2. Try to break down all the possible resolutions into categories and apply some kind of constraint-based UI layout, perhaps using some sort of prioritization scheme.
    If anyone has any experience working on this sort of thing, advice or example snippets would be greatly appreciated!