Error on making a standalone application on PC

    Sep 04 2006 | 11:11 am
    Hi all,
    I have found that the standalone application produced always make a fatal error (which prompt a window asking to report bugs to Microsoft immediately after the spash screen show). And I have no idea on solving it, does nobody has any advice ?
    I did produce some runnable standalone application last year (~Dec. 2005) and they can still be runnable. Now, when I do it again in the same way, it fails completely.
    It is for sure unrelated to Jitter or Java files missing. I have been able to track down those dll before and place them into the support/ directory. However, this time, it crashes in the very beginning and I cannot trace anything.
    Please, if anybody have seen such problem, leave a word on helping. Thanks.
    Using, Max/MSP 4.5, Jitter 1.5. Tested on 3 Intel PC. Same problem.
    Thanks again.
    yours, William