Error with cc.saturate.ip.jxs shader

    Mar 01 2006 | 12:39 pm
    Hi everybody,
    I got somehow stuck with the cc.saturate.ip.jxs shader. I have tried a lot and was also looking inside the orange book but I cannot get it to work. I always get the following error message:
    setting GLSL param: GL Error: Invalid operation
    Any help is appreciated.
    OSX 10.4.5 QT 7.04 Latest Max/MSP/Jitter G5 DC 2.3GHz

    • Mar 02 2006 | 1:59 am
      This error message is harmless, and you can ignore. You can solve it by changing the image parameter in the XML description from "float" to "int". This just selects which input is the source which doesn't even make much sense for this shader. You could alternately eliminate the XML descriptions for the "image" parameter entirely to also eliminate this harmless message. We will fix in the next release.
      In order to see the saturation, please send the message "alpha ", to crossfade between the luminance (0.), original saturation (1.), or even values outside the range of zero to one to over/under saturate. It is just a crossfade amount between the luminance version and original.
    • Mar 02 2006 | 8:20 am
      the commenting of the "image" stuff and sending "param alpha $1" did the trick.
      At least this answer saved my day (night) :-)