Errors building AU plugins with Max+Gen -

    May 18 2014 | 4:07 pm
    I'm pretty new to max+gen, and Audio Unit plugins in general. I'm trying to build an AU plugin via XCode and I'm running into a few issues:
    my setup -> Mac OS 10.8.5; XCode 5.0.2; Max 6.1.2
    my process -> I'm following along with the gen AU instructions here: When I get to "step 7" (build the project), the compiler throws a bunch of unknown type errors:
    Unknown type name 't_sample'
    Unknown type name "Common State'
    Is there something I'm missing in terms of a flag or type definition? Also (this might be a total newbie question here), what exactly happens when I change the flags in "Step 5" - Change the COMP_MANUF and COMP_SUBTYPE settings in the .r resource file and the -Info.plist file
    Thanks for any help in advance!