Event -Priority Problem

    Mar 08 2012 | 4:17 pm
    Hi everyone!
    I need your help once again... The patcher below is a small extract from a bigger project on which i am working since a few months and im getting stuck. What i need to do is a fast buffer edit which depends on weighting factors generated by the user with a node-object. So here is a simplified version of my patcher:
    Basicly it does what i want, but the control of the node object doesnt work fluid. Every time the buffer gets edited the cursor stucks for a few ms. In this patcher it doesnt seem to be that bad, but in my version there is an extra-patcher that allows to control the cursor with the keyboard. Also the node-object has to be much bigger, so these stucks are realy annoying. Turning on overdrive makes it a little better, but still not good enough in my opinion.
    Im pretty shure the problem has to do with event-priority issues. The defer-object behind the uzi-object is needed to make the following counter object work. Without it the buffer edit wont work at all. I also tried a deferlow-object instead of defer. Then the control works fluid but for some reason the node-object doesnt send the weighting factors anymore. I found and read this article: https://cycling74.com/articles/event-priority-in-max-scheduler-vs-queue/
    With that in mind i tried to placed some pipe, defer and deferlow-objects that i thought might be helpful, but i didnt get it to work. Can anyone help me out?

    • Mar 08 2012 | 6:25 pm
      If responsive UI is paramount, you should not use Uzi to drive this process. When I measure it, it takes about 39 ms to complete the Uzi / poke~ task. During this time the UI will be unresponsive.