Executing M4l Processes gradually within Live.

    Nov 08 2013 | 5:19 am
    Hi. Is it possible to make live execute things gradually? When in the patcher editor (preview enabled) when I start a sequence of tasks (especially when using lots of LiveAPI commands) things are done gradually. If, for an instance, I have sort of loop in my program, when the same process is done to a series of parameters or objects, (for example, duplicating a clip, and then duplicate THAT clip and so on) each loop is done one after another. But if I do it in the Live window, it for some reason NEED to be done at once, which in some long processes demands a lot of CPU power, and often crash the whole project. Unexpectedly, the usually annoying lag of the preview mode, becoming advantage... But is there a way to handle it within live itself? Like when performing a CPU eater task in live, such as converting audio to midi, it will be done progressively. Why the rush? THX