exploding text

    Aug 18 2012 | 2:46 am
    I was very much inspired by Andrew Beson's Shatter patch that uses the new jit.gen (new to me anyways).
    I am wondering how I could go about modifying it to be shattering text? what I'd like is to be able to generate the text live, and then shatter it on cue. two posibility have come to my mind: -use a gl.mesh of a comparable height to the text, with a texture that contains the text, how to create the texture is my problem, is there a way to feed a gl.text2d to a texture? -other possibilty would be to tweak the shatter to apply directly to a text2d, but I have no idea how that would go.
    I still learning all that gl has to offer, which is why I'm not sure where to start here.... incidently, I tried to find some more detailed explanation as to what's going on in the original patch, but couldn't, the only thing I found was the older shatter recipe from book 3, is there a thread maybe that documents this patch in more detail?

    • Aug 19 2012 | 4:34 pm
      so by digging a bit more on the forum, I found a possible solution to my question with the use of @capture on the text2D, by making sure the mesh maps the texture properly I can get the text tto display properly as the mesh texture. Now my issue is how to adapt the mesh dimensions so as to display the text properly, and how to modify the shater to make 1)smaller piece 2) constrain roughly to the text area? basically I think what I need is to better understand what's going on in my patch... I am really not too well versed in using these objects, and so headaches ensues... here is my patch so far:
      Thanks for any help!