Exporting cellblock in specific format

    Dec 23 2012 | 12:22 pm
    When I write a txt file based on a cell block, I got the following structure (my cellblock being made of two columns) :
    #X set 0 0 DVCPROHDAudio.plugin; #X set 0 1 iZAlloyMASHook.bundle; .... #X set 1 0 comment; ....
    being a list of rows for column 0 FOLLOWED by the same list of Column 1.
    I would like to have a list of rows MADE of both Columns ; an element X of the list being "Row X Column 0 Column 1"instead of "Row X Colo Column0" followed later by "RowX Column1".
    Don't know if I'm clear... :)
    Thanks for your help.