Exporting high resolution images from a Jitter matrix

    Jan 10 2010 | 1:33 am
    Hello, everyone!
    I’m trying to export some high resolution images from Jitter, suitable for printing, and I’m running into problems. My goal is to make a 100 cm x 75 cm print, and at 300 dpi, I figure I need roughly a 11800 x 8850 matrix.
    Within Jitter, this doesn’t seem to be a problem; I can scale a smaller image up to these proportions and back down again, and at every point along the way, the image displays and behaves properly (see patch below). But when I try to export a file from my 11800 x 8850 matrix, nothing happens.
    I’ve been happily exporting files from smaller matrices with no problem, so I went back to a small matrix and gradually made it bigger, exporting along the way, to see where the problem occurs. I found that a matrix of size 4075 x 3056 exports fine, but a matrix of size 4125 x 3093 or larger exports garbage (seemly random strips of color at the top of the image, a band of black at the bottom that increases in size along with the matrix size). This is true for matrices up to size 10500 x 7875, but if I try to export a matrix of size 11000 x 8250 or larger, nothing is exported at all (or in the case of sgi, qtimage, or photoshop format, a 1kb file is created).
    I’ve tried all format types with no luck. I’ve played with forcing the settings and trying different things, but no dice. Using exportmovie instead of exportimage proved equally inefficacious.
    Native Jitter jxf files export and load in again with no problems, but I do not expect to find a way to load jxf files into any programs I can use for printing.
    I’ve checked to make sure it’s not some problem with my computer displaying large files; I created a file with these same large proportions in MS Paint, saved it as both bmp and jpg, and was able to open the files in Photoshop. My computer ought to be able to handle it. I’m running Max 5.1.0 on Vista Business 64 bit (Service Pack 1), 4 gigs of RAM, Intel dual core P9700 @ 2.8GHz.
    Is anyone else seeing this problem? Does anyone have any ideas?
    Many thanks! I’ve searched the archives, and found one other user with the same problem, but didn't see a solution; apologies if it’s already been covered somewhere.
    OK, here's my test patch:
    (Note: A cleverer person than I may find meaning in the fact that, for images between 4125 x 3093 and 10500 x 7875, all the noise is crammed into the top of the image, leaving a strip of black at the bottom that gets smaller as my matrix size decreases; I assume the point at which the black bar disappears is the point at which the image displays properly. If you zoom in, you see bands of color, which to me suggests some kind of data type problem, where the bits are not being parsed correctly.)
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    • Jan 10 2010 | 7:03 pm
      hi Ben,
      it works fine for me under Max 5.1.1 and Mac 0S 10.6.2 I can write a BMP file of 11800x8850 pixel x 3 bytes/pixel wich made a file of 298 Mbytes so it take around 3 minutes to write the file on my Macbook pro 2.53 GHz
      so maybe it's a Windows related problem
      BTW, don't forget to use the copy compressed option of max instead of copy/past the patch, the compress version is more appropriate to forum post.