Extern works on Intel, not on PPC Runtime

    Sep 24 2006 | 6:16 pm

    • Sep 24 2006 | 11:33 pm
      Regarding the crash report - I was getting something pretty similar building a standlone on PPC using externals that were NOT in the C74 folder ... the build process reported copying the external into the collective, but actually wasn't, or was mangling it in the process. Any help?
    • Sep 25 2006 | 12:02 am
      Max/MSP-folks --
      This seems possibly related to another question I planned to ask:
      The externals I've hacked generally perform a bundle-load of some kind, and I'm now in the process of thinking about UB versions of them. The loading technique I had been using revolves around using CFBundleLoadExecutable() and finding the appropriate entry-points. I had a student running [rtcmix~] under UB 4.6 which seemed to be finding strange entry-points (like the 'bang'-handler caused another specific message-handler to be invoked, weird...), and I'm wondering if the Xcode/mach-o versions of these should be done using NSLinkModule()instead? How compatible/uncompatible is this with the Future of Max/MSP? Could Peter's woes be attributable to some purgatory of dynamic loading we are presently inhabiting?
    • Sep 27 2006 | 12:39 pm
      I'm not sure if my experience applies to Brad's and John's problem, but just to let you know:
      David took the time to look at my object and noticed that "Show Package Contents" appeared to give an empty folder. It transpired that the Bundle's Contents/ folder had its Invisible bit set. This seems to cause problems on some processor/OS combinations.
      This is probably not what's plaguing other people, but it is a point worth checking. It can be corrected with the SetFile command (assuming you have Apple's Developer Tools installed).
      -- P.
      On 24-Sep-2006, at 20:16, Peter Castine wrote: > Situation: build a standalone or collective using, say, lp.scampf > on Intel Mac w/Max 4.6 and run it on Intel Mac. Everything works > fine. Take the same collective to a PPC Mac with Max 4.6 Runtime. > All Litter objects are listed as bogus [schnipp]
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    • Oct 01 2006 | 1:24 pm
      Peter Castine wrote: > I'm not sure if my experience applies to Brad's and John's problem, but > just to let you know:
      I reported the collective problem already, it seems there is some conceptual problem of how collectives have to look like (which might not affect standalones, as the come with a complete set of externals and are bound to a certain Platform). What a mess. You would need to include three sorts of externals to make it run, or would need to have three different collectives...
      Maybe C74 is already working on a solution... But thats tricky...
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