externals / 'bye!

    Jul 18 2006 | 9:38 am
    Hey all, i've not been reading this list for a while and considering the amount of mails dropping in each day i won't be able to do so in the future - hence i'm going to unsubscribe. I'll still be following the dev list, though. On the other hand i receive frequent questions / bug reports / critique / praise concerning my externals. Please send any of these to the newly created mailing list (subscribe at http://grrrr.org/mailman/listinfo/ext) so they don't get lost in the world-wide webbin. Another thing: i'm not going to upgrade Max/MSP to a newer version than 4.5 anytime soon (if there will be one), since i personally don't need to. If you have any problems using my externals in this respect in the future, consider donating to my paypal account (gr@grrrr.org) or persuade cycling'74 HQ to provide me a free license ;-)
    greetings, Thomas