Externals In Pluggo

    Jul 10 2006 | 2:38 am
    Hey all, I've been trying to make a pluggo with a third party external in it (altiverb~) and it hasn't been working in my host sequencer so far (DP 4.61) despite being extremely simple and working in max itself. I had an idea that the reason it wasnt working was the external so I consulted the pluggo dev guide and found something that seems to refer to my exact problem:
    > Building a plug-in is very similar to building a collective. However, where > collectives automatically include all externals, plug-ins do not include > any externals. If you need to include an external with your plug-in you can > simply use the "include" command in a Collective Script.
    I'm not the pluggo grand master or anything so I dont really know what the manual means by "Collective Script." I've searched the manual and these boards and nothing relevant came up as to what "Collective Script" means in reference to plugins. Is "Collective Script" referring to the stuff in the pluginfo object? If so, does anyone know how to use the "Include" command to include third party externals in my pluggos?

    • Jul 10 2006 | 3:36 am
      You need to include the external via the collective editor. Otherwise it won't be... included with the plugin.
    • Jul 10 2006 | 4:02 am
      OOOOOK.. Thanks much!