extract 4x4 matrix from OpenGL transform matrix?

    Apr 18 2006 | 5:44 am
    Hi -
    In jit.gl.sketch, is there any way to extract the current OpenGL modelview matrix as an explicit 4x4 matrix? I'm trying to determine the "absolute" position of an object drawn after the modelview matrix has been through a number of gltranslate, glrotate and glscale transformations.
    I know I could figure it out by summing up the various transformations, but this seems redundant, given that OpenGL has done all the work already.
    Thanks -

    • Apr 19 2006 | 3:23 am
      I guess what I'm asking is whether any of the various OpenGL query routines -- in this case glGetDoublev() -- are exposed in jit.gl.sketch, or if there's any other way to access them.
      - pH
    • Apr 19 2006 | 4:03 am
      Unfortunately Perry, they aren't currently. They might happen later within jit.gl.sketch in immediate mode (forthcoming), however for the time being you can't rely on this functionality unless you do it in a C object.