extracting "transformed" waveforms, curves from jit.gl.sketch

    Aug 17 2013 | 4:47 pm
    we're looking for ways, alternatives to extract functions, curves
    excerpt: embedded results via point x,y,z into jit.gl.sketch (jit.gl.gridshape wasn't helpful for this task) shall be extract from jit.gl.sketch to work and organizing these newer results in Max, Msp, osc etc
    one point: at this time nobody could tell me how looks like curves, functions after they has "built" in the Minkowski_World
    ich benötige dieses u.a. in einem Simulationsmodul für die Minkowski_Welt (Minkowski_Spacetime) ,welches mittels jit.gl.sketch ein double_light_cone_model darstellt; in dieses Modul werden Kurven, Funktionen mittels point x,y,z "eingebunden", was die "Auskopplung" dieser Funktionen, Kurven angeht, da wird noch "brainstorming" benötigt im attachment entspr. Bsp (nur snapshots)
    merci u. happy maxing

    • Aug 27 2013 | 1:01 pm
      I have been using jit.gl.sketch for custom objects as well, but I am not aware that there is a way to extract anything out of it.
      I assume you create your curves for jit.gl.sketch, do some transformations and than you would like to get the transformed curves back? if that is your question you should multiply the modelMatrix with your vertices (which you are using to create the jit.gl.sketch in the first place).
    • Aug 27 2013 | 1:51 pm
      I answer here in english and german, perhaps somebody read this topic here:
      yes, I'm also afraid that jit.gl.sketch is not the "ideal choice" to do this tasks (input x-,y-,z-values from several curves, attractors, functions, physical phenomenas into the Minkowski_World and output their "transformed" values as Max-mess)
      do you've some example-patcher about "modelMatrix"?
      in the attachment is the last status of my Minkowski_Spacetime as a Max4-patcher (I've not complete port this project"vc_fun_gen" to MaxMsp ver 6.1.3 yet) also in the attachment an excerpt from this "topic" Minkowski_Spacetime"
      richtig auch ich befürchte, daß jit.gl.sketch ist nicht die "ideale" Auswahl, um diese Aufgaben in der Minkowski_Welt durchzuführen (Eingabe von x-,y-,z-Werten aus Kurven, Funktionen,Attraktoren, phys. Phänomenen in die "Minkowski_Welt und die Extrahierung der veränderten Werte, Resultate als Max-messages was die Darstellung von Kurven, Funktionen in der Minkowski_Welt angeht: bisher konnte ich noch keine verläßlichen Erörterungen, Beschreibungen zu diesem Punkt finden - meistens bezieht man sich bei den "events" in der Minkowski_Welt auf astronom. Vorgänge, Ereignisse
      happy maxing TSt
    • Aug 27 2013 | 4:42 pm
      The modelMatrix is short for the model transformation matrix. it is a 4x4 matrix that contains the translation, rotation and scale transformation.
      this link describes the maths behind opengl. relevant for your problem is the "Modeling Transformation". Since you are using max 4 you dont have access to the new jit.anim.node object that would calculate it for you:
      is a thread with an example on how to do the complete vertex transformations inside a max patch (usually opengl does that in the background and you dont need to worry about it).
      you can do it in max 4 but you have to implement some of the maths into your patcher.
    • Aug 27 2013 | 5:22 pm
      thank you Martin for this infos, if you have some examples without jit.anim it be more helpful to test these under MaxMsp 4
      happy maxing TSt
    • Aug 27 2013 | 5:22 pm
      Hello Martin,
      as you told in your previous post here, which solution could be a substitute of jit.anim under Max4?
      thanks and regards TSt