faustworks, any ideas on how to use it properly, im having problems.

    Feb 26 2011 | 9:59 pm
    hello everybody,
    just starting a new thread regarding external building and the such that i asked a week or so ago. sort of said about that it would be nice if max could export abstractions/patches as externals. obviously there would be problems for doing so, but was just an idea i had.
    anyhow, i was put onto 'faustworks'. basically an easier way of building externals for pd, max, but also vst etc. but i started the program and made a simple [*~] object, but gave it a different so as to not overwrite the max one, and put it in max search path and it did work. but then afterwards i tried making it again later on, but then it did not work. done the exact same things, but no, nothing, just comes up with error messages.
    so does anyone here use faustworks or tampered with it to help build externals. i have looked at the pdfs that are online, but nothing which helps my odd problem. it would mean a lot as i have been going on about making externals, but dont have the time right now for x-code. but faustworks is a quick and fast way to make them just the same.
    lewis edwards ------ smokingbunny.co.uk