Favorite Max 5 features (so far)

    Apr 23 2008 | 7:28 am
    After a few short hours with Max 5, here are some of my favorite things (the list is already too long, had to trim it down):
    * bpatcher scripting coordinates are relative to the bpatcher. Fantastic. Thank you so much for fixing this!
    * The new "Tab" object. Should be very useful for interface building.
    * Alpha channel support.
    * "Show Object" feature in the Max Window, works via double click too. Very handy.
    * Shortcuts for creating objects ('b'=bang, 'f'=float, 'n'=new object, etc). One of my favorite features from Max toolbox.
    * Alignment/grid features.
    And of course the new help/doc system is just great. What a huge improvement. It really shows that Cycling '74 cares about usability and making Max a joy to use.
    Also really looking forward to using the new time system. I think this is going to solve some synchronization difficulties that have been surfacing in my overly-complex sequencing patch.

    • Apr 23 2008 | 8:06 am
      i'm REALLY excited about "itable"
    • Apr 23 2008 | 9:03 am
      Kudos on the release. I feel like I just opened a fine set of knives, or an expensive set of wrenches. While I should be cooking or tuning, I'm still stuck admiring the craftsmanship.
      The scope in Jitter is my favorite new feature. Coming from video production, a scope gives you the ability to fly by numbers rather than relying entirely on subjective output.
      The workflow improvements are immediately apparent. I'm excited to dig into the ability to organize the workflow of the patch and the interface as seperate entities.
      I'm going to go play with the new cutlery.