Feature request: colour matching

    Oct 08 2008 | 5:24 pm
    Maybe I'm missing something, but is there an easy way to determine WHICH of the color swatches is used in an object?
    In trying to match a new object's font colour, for example, to an existing object, I'm forced to look at the RGB values of the original, and click through the swatches of the new object to figure out which one was used.
    Perhaps the number that is displayed in the color palette swatches could be displayed in the inspector's color swatch, if it matches one of the swatches?

    • Oct 08 2008 | 6:03 pm
      2008/10/8 raja
      > > But if you're looking for a palette-slot number that wouldn't work for > everyone since you can customize your own palette.
      I'm asking that Max recognize the palette-slot number if the RGB values match it.