Feature Request: Grid for integer multisliders

    Jul 09 2007 | 10:33 pm
    Probably would be a bit of a trick, but using multislider is great and it would be even better to see exactly how many "bricks" / units are highlighted in each slider. Obviously just for ints and would be most useful at low numbers.
    For what I'm doing now I'm supplementing the multislider with a jit.cellblock to accomplish this grid-view, and while the cellblock looks better and has more options for colors etc., it's substantially more work to deal with because of the row / column thing, as well as not easily being able to "paint" like the multislider, or save in a preset.
    An option to turn on and off a grid for the sliders (and a grid color choice) would be cool. It would only be horizontal probably, since one can already change the slider spacing and that would be messy (I imagine) to follow with the grid overlay.
    Perhaps there could also be a mode where the slider outputs (slider, value) out the right outlet without having to send a fetch $1 command. This is like cellblock's left outlet. Seems like it could be done as the slider tracks all your clicks and drags anyway.

    • Jul 10 2007 | 9:41 am
      use matrixctrl
      use attached graphic
    • Jul 10 2007 | 3:52 pm
      That's really great! I always get such great advice on the forums. I like the new possibilities there -- you can make the matrices really slick and of course have multiple values for each cell.
      Interesting how slight differences in interface objects will allow some new possibilities while disallowing others -- like the "bar graph display" option isn't inherent to the matrixctrl, nor is zl rotate, but these of course could be simulated with some fiddling; whereas with a two-state matrix, it's a simple matter to flip all the values. (And the zl rot could be used on each row, very cool!)
      Gonna have to fire up Photoshop and make some slick matrices of my own -- thanks for the tips.