Feature Request : jit.gl.model : matrix output and diffuse color

    Oct 19 2006 | 1:22 am
    Hello marvelous C74 employees,
    Might I make a feature request - would it be possible for
    jit.gl.model to output all 0-12 planes of jitter formatted openGL
    Currently, jit.gl.model @matrixoutput 1 only outputs the first 8
    planes, 1-3 being xyz, 4,5 texture, and 6-8 being normals/lighting.
    Ive verified this by simply putting a jit.fpsgui after jit.gl.model,
    as per Randy Jones's observation in a thread concerning jit.gl.mesh.
    If a material file is included in with the .OBJ, of course, id love
    its diffuse color and any other data to be spat out in the matrix as
    Thanks a lot for the consideration, ill even donate beer money!
    v a d e //