Feature request: make "input_routings" more usefull!

    Dec 24 2010 | 4:01 am
    Now; before I go on.. This isn't exactly my discovery, this whole thing got triggered by a post on the Ableton forum which you can find here.
    The Track class has a property called "input_routings" with a 'get' access only.
    The only problem here is that its output is near to useless (no offense). For example, when I use this on one of my midi tracks in Live all I get:
    print: All Ins CASIO USB-MIDI Computer Keyboard Maschine Controller In 3-Maschine No Input
    Hardly usable. Its a whole list of individual words which may or may not be related to one other. "All Ins" is actually one entry (so 2 words) yet so is "Maschine Controller In" (3 words).
    So I'd really would suggest to either use "" to group these entries or use some kind of delimiter.
    For the full story please refer to the URL I mentioned at the top; that's where the original thread is being hosted.

    • Dec 27 2010 | 1:33 pm
      second that... I use this workaround to check if a specific port is available (example is for output_routings):