FEATURE REQUEST, Select Device Title Bar

    Dec 07 2011 | 5:12 pm
    In Live you can MIDI MAP or KEY MAP to a devices title bar, so if you map a button to a title bar, and then push the button, that device will be
    1. brought into view 2. given the blue hand
    This is great if you have a DrumRack for example with various cells containing all kinds of racks, racks nested in racks etc, so you can bring them into view and see on the screen what you have blue handed.
    I would like to see a simple funtion in max for live that would do this without MIDI MAPPING or KEY MAPPING.
    Something like: 1. path live_set tracks# devices# chains# devices# (message path) 2. set device_title_bar (function)
    Currently you can blue hand a device using "call select_device" but it will not bring it into view if it's nested somewhere, OR if it resides on a different track than the one in focus.