[Feature requests] --- multislider setlist, peek~ writelist, waveform~ copyto

    Sep 16 2010 | 1:43 pm
    Wondering whether a few new messages might be handy to add to several objects. They might speed things up considerably when writing to buffers, and would be easier than a brute-force way (as shown in example patch with uzi) or using mxj.bufOp. I think a message to waveform~ would be the most intuitive, as you can see exactly what you're copying right there, but it could be a message to buffer~ too.
    Also having a way to set a multislider all at once *without output* would be nice, like if you have a second non-interactive multislider on top of your interactive one which shows some other state. With the multislider limit the increase in speed might not be an issue, but it would be an easier way to set everything at once. Like sending in a list, it would adjust to the list length.
    Another possibility (not shown in the example) would be a "readlist" message to peek~, like so:
    This would need to come out a new outlet as a list of samples, which could then use the possible "writelist" message to copy large chunks from one buffer to another.
    jti.buffer~ and related can do all this, but requires an extra step to and from matrices, and you have to have jitter...
    Anyway, here's an example patch with three subpatches showing what I mean. Each has a standard way of doing these operations. Just wondering whether the new messages I've described (if implemented in the objects) would make a big enough difference in speed to be worth adding, especially for copying large parts of buffers. The patching is simple for the first two, though the copybuffer one is more complicated. So in that case, the simplified patching alone might be worth it... regardless, hope this gives some ideas :)