feature requests

    Mar 11 2008 | 11:17 am
    regionslider: would be great if it could work like waveform~ where you can use ctrl-updownleftright to move/change the selection
    sfrecord~: extra outlet that tells when sfrecord (succesfully) closed the recorded file after it received "0" - like with jit.qt.movie and "write filename 1" on the right utlet. i recently experienced many corrupt (EOF error -39) files when doing quite many sfrecord and immediate sfplays afterwards at the same time.
    font antialiasing: i think antialiasing should be deactivated for screen fonts like Binary, kroeger,... if they are used in their "original" size (or however you call this in english). please see attached screenshot: the sizes are 12pt, 14pt, 24pt