Feature suggestion for jit.window

    Sep 08 2012 | 10:29 am
    I think there's something that could be easily implemented without getting in the way of the current implementation: Do you ever get tired of reorganizing windows to see the jit.window every time you consult any Jitter Help File? I do. I've got two monitors and would like to see jit.window on the right monitor, in a certain position and with a certain size.
    Wouldn't it be useful if in the general Max preferences (Jitter section, next to OpenGL Readback) we could have the following options for dealing with jit.window?
    Default position Default size
    In jit.window properties, an "Use default position/size" or "Override default position/size" checkbox could be implemented.
    This isn't a critical feature, but I think an option like this could improve probably many situations when using jit.window, particularly when consulting the Help Files and/or opening patches from the forums. Any thoughts?