File opening question (Winxp)

    Jan 31 2010 | 1:16 pm
    A question about opening MAX-files. After updating MAX 5.0 to MAX 5.1.1 i can't seem to open MAX-files from windows explorer. Before this i could just open the files by double-clicking them. Now after double-clicking my computer begins to rattle and "pretend" it's opening but nothing happens. Has anybody else encountered this? And if so, how did you tackle it.
    Question two- When installing updates, is it necessary to unistall the previous version or does it automatically overwrite?
    Thank you,

    • Jan 31 2010 | 3:22 pm
      "Before this i could just open the files by double-clicking them."
      Where were you double clicking on them, in the explorer window? the Max Browser?
      It is not necessary to uninstall previous updates.
    • Jan 31 2010 | 4:04 pm
      Thanks for your response.
      Before installing the update i could open files by just doubleclicking them in a (windows)-explorer window.
      For example> If i want to listen to music, i open the folder where the mp3-files are located, i doubleclick on one and it automatically opens Winamp (which i use) So windows knows what program to open corresponding to the file being clicked upon. But when i want to make some music (using MAX) i go to the folder containing my patches, i doubleclick and nothing happens. Now i've tried to "reconnect" the .maxpat to MAX using "rightclick" > "open with" so u can tell windows which program to open and it's still the same. This problem happened only after installing the update.
      Opening files in the MAX-browser and FILE-browser works fine. So it's more a matter of convenience but after a while it becomes tedious to have to go to all the folders to find "that one help-file" you need.