file preference in max device

    Dec 14 2009 | 9:26 am
    Let's say I have max device having several groove objects. I want to use loadbang->read somesound.aif so I can get all the sounds when device loaded. Like when you work with just max, patch can read all the necessary files as long as they are in the same folder as patch. I did collect all and save but that doesn't work. So where should I put all these sound samples to get them loaded with loadbang and read message? not the way that writting directory in file preferences.
    If I copy max device and drop it in live, the device references to old directory where original device was located for abstractions. So it doesn't collect the abstractions if I collect all and save what should I do to collect and save all the abstractions used in a device?
    Thank you jin

    • Dec 14 2009 | 9:40 pm
      anyone? please..
    • Dec 15 2009 | 10:25 am
      hi jin.
      i use the device freeze feature. if you go to the Max menu "View > Dependencies", you can assign all manner of folders and files to your device. If you then click "freeze" on your top-level .amxd file patcher, it will wrap all the items in your 'dependencies' into the single .amxd file.
      so, apologies if i misunderstood you and you knew this already.
      however, the initial confusion for me came with: on your OWN computer this is not really needed and makes no difference. the M4L device will continue reading your aif files or whatever from the abstractions folder that you mention. Having said this, i do not do that - the 'all needed files in the same folder' concept still works with M4L - i just have folders in my 'Devices' locations, which include all my .maxpats and .js etc and the like. another element of confusion - if you send your frozen wrapped up .amxd file to someone else, and they click 'unfreeze', a folder containing all the needed wrapped files appears on their desktop. they would then have to continue managing dependencies themselves.
      one more thing - have you tried breaking the links in your patch, renaming the newly located audio files (with an 'X' at the end or whatever), remaking the links?
      again, sorry if all this obvious to you. i only just having my morning coffee.