FILM STRIP _ many different textures

    Dec 15 2006 | 6:15 pm
    fast help please ...
    in an university project i need to create a kind of "cinematograph" ... i created a very high amount of planes by using the object. it worked quite well all of them are on there position.
    what i need to do next is to apply different texture for every single plane. since i have something like 360 planes i can

    • Dec 15 2006 | 6:20 pm
      Hi Kern, Check out Jitter Recipes-Book 3. The last recipe listed there, "TinyVideo" should give you an idea how this could be accomplished just using a single texture and
      Hope that helps. Cheers, Andrew B.
    • Dec 15 2006 | 7:41 pm
      it is exactly what i