Filtering MIDI Messages

    Dec 09 2008 | 5:51 pm
    Im working with Ableton and i have a Behringer BCF MIDI controller.
    When i hit a button on the BCF it toggles a drum loop clip in Ableton on or off.
    After 1 loop of the drum clip, ableton sends a Portamento On/Off Controller 65 Message to the BCF which turns the LED off.
    I have done everything from posting on ableton, behringer forums and asking the teams directly and noone knows how to do this.
    I have tried MIDI pipe. . . a free application for macs but i have no idea how to filter this specific command message.
    I have now been recommended to come to you and see if anyone knows what i could do or if it would be possible to build a patch that would solve this.
    I am not a max user.
    Any ideas/help would be much much much appreciated.
    Cheers, Ben :)

    • Dec 10 2008 | 3:49 am
      This is the list/forum for C development. It sounds like you want to read the Max tutorials. Once you've taken a stab at the tutorials, please post a clear question (ideally) with example patch to the Max MSP list/forum.