finally, what do you use to sync Max with an external software ...?

    Oct 21 2011 | 12:17 pm
    Hi there, some knows I worked a bit on standalone sequencers made with max. I didn't like to use rewire because I "felt" is sluggish sometimes, especially with Ableton Live (I didn't say it is their/your/my fault ; I don't care really)
    I tried the basic MTC message too. Not completely tested, but better than rewire with ableton, especially...
    So I ask that, candidly, what do you or would you use to have a nice sync ?

    • Oct 21 2011 | 12:34 pm
      Is Max your master or slave?
      If Max is your slave, I'd suggest playing a 1-beat phasor ramp from your master, into Max, and treat this as a Max-native "master phasor". If you're trying to sync Max to Live, you can do this very easily. Just make a spare track in yout Ableton project with a single, 1-beat long looping clip in it. Set this to "repitch" warp mode, route it to Max, adjust Ableton's track latency somewhere into the negative and you're away!
      MTC/MIDI clock between most software will usually result in disappointing levels of slop.
    • Oct 21 2011 | 2:15 pm
      Max is the slave.
      I'd need a safe way to build max standalone applications easily syncable with users' daw-centric world. It would be "as if" max was an external sequencer, and eventually an external sequencer + sound generator plugged into a daw.
      "a bit like" Numerology made it before being a VST (...)
      rewire would be nice...
      BTW... at least for Ableton-centric environement, I can easily provide a max for live machine "only for sync purpose" This one would fire messages, those messages grabbed by my external would work...
      Testing that that next hour :-)