Find and Replace in a txt file (xml file)

    May 02 2006 | 12:25 pm
    I?m new to max and javascript as well...
    Is it possible with javascript to read a textfile and change there a certain string in a certain line? I looked at the jsfiletester example. So I know how to read and write a file. But how can I load the content of the txt file to a variable?
    The best would be a find and replace object ;-)
    cheers Flo

    • May 03 2006 | 10:42 pm
      ok so far I am:
      function writefile(s) { var f = new File(s,"write","TEXT"); var s1 = 'test'; var s2 = 'this'; var s3 = 'text';
      if (f.isopen) { post("writing string to file: " + s2 + "n"); f.writestring(s1); f.writestring(s2); f.writestring(s3); f.close(); } else { post("could not create file: " + s + "n"); } }
      i want to write an XML file. i have already the content of it. so i just have to paste it into the variables. but not so easy as expected... if i paste the XML file to the variable JS has problems with the newlines and shift rights in the XML... I attached the XML file which is basically a MOTION2 file. So you can try to paste it to one of the variables... I also tried to get away with the newlines of the XML in the text editor but it won?t help. I still get some error code like this: ? error: js: jsfiletester.js: Javascript SyntaxError: unterminated string literal, line 26 source line: lurSamples>1
      cheers FLO
    • May 04 2006 | 10:04 pm
      sorry for the aweful selftalk topic ;-) but... hey I?m very proud to present the find and replace script:
      function rwlines(r,w,clip) { var r = new File(r); var i,a,c; var w = new File(w,"write","TEXT"); var s; var clip; var neu;
      if (r.isopen){ post(clip); i=0; while (a=r.readline()) { // returns a string post("line[" + i + "]: " + a + "n"); i++; if ( != -1) {neu = a.replace(/, clip); w.writestring(neu + "n");} else {w.writestring(a + "n");} } r.close(); w.close(); } else { post("could not open file: " + s + "n"); } }
      the only thing I don?t know yet, is how to save the new file in a certain folder... cheers FLO