firefly simulation---object suggestions

    Apr 22 2013 | 6:43 pm
    I have spent little to no time in jitter. However, I would like to simulate fireflies using the same algorithm used in math for heuristics. well a dumbed down version of the algorithm look.. can find it in wikipedia
    Basically, I want each fire fly to be a function of its own who's constant moving direction is dictated by the brightness of surrounding fireflies.
    SO each firefly (1) has continuously dependent direction (vector) depending on the movement of the brightest in sight (2) has oscillating glowing with intensity dependent on initial conditions and characteristics of parents. (3) once taken by a mate, others disregard the intensity.
    Just a blue print.
    I am surely not asking anyone to design this for me but simply asking for some object suggestions.. i.e. 1. what object can I utilize for a floating particle which has a direction given by some vector 2. which object would provide a glow to some particle 3. Anything to look out for when having each fireflies characteristics dependent on others? 4. Which object would allow me to create a new object.
    ++ and and if there is an object for each shape how could I get around having to manually make a new object for each new firefly upon the meeting of two.