Firewire bus

    Nov 27 2006 | 7:40 pm
    Hi all, I need to buy a brand new laptop for live recording and high demanding Live Electronics Performances (with Max Msp - Cycling 74). My Audio interface is a RME Fireface 800. Since during this year I've been having problems in running some complex Max-Msp patches on my windowsXP SP2 AMD 3200+ based desktop PC (Asus A8N Sli Deluxe, 1Gb ram dual channel, 7200 rpm seagate HD, Asus GeForce 6600 GT VGA), while they have been running flawlessly on a (borrowed) Powerbook G4 1,67 Ghz (OSX Tiger, 1Gb ram 100 Gb HD 5400 rpm etc..), I am now confused about what to buy: a new MacBookPro or a PC Notebook with similar harware features (i.e. a top quality Sony Vaio)? I heard that Apple computers have a dedicated firewire bus for audio - that allow them to be much faster in handling audio buffers from and to the audio interface, so obtaining also a much better (Max-Msp) software performance - , while PCs share the same bus for all the peripherals, including the audio card. If all this is true I definitely should go for a MacBookPro. But haven't found out any evidence yet that Macs have a dedicated, faster firewire bus. Could someone of you help me? Thank you very much in advance.
    Carlo Laurenzi