Aug 03 2006 | 8:15 pm
    can jit.qt.movie play .flv flash files? read seems to accept them, but they won't show up in the connected jit,window ..

    • Aug 06 2006 | 1:27 am
      I don't think it is possible to playback FLV files in Quicktime. There is a FLV plugin for QT but it is for encoding not playback.
      Infact playback FLV files on a mac is a bit of an issue, VLC works sometimes but the Flash player doesn't seem to load them directly without a swf.
      Anyone had any luck with this?
    • Aug 06 2006 | 5:20 am
      haven't had any luck loading flvs yet
      VLC does give me some problems.. the file plays on load (despite access_file: seeking too far & seeking too early errors) but clicking any of the transport breaks things.
      I haven't been able to find any freeware converters...this looked good for $25 though http://www.techspansion.com/visualhub/