floor and ceil wont work within jit.clip to set max and min - syntax problem

    May 31 2013 | 2:12 am
    I am attempting to offset numbers in a jitter matrix, but my expression syntax isn't working.  can anyone spot what im doing wrong with the use of floor and ceil?
    exprfill 1 "jit.clip( in[0].p[1] + 0.0100 , @min floor(in[0].p[1]*4)/4 , @max ceil(in[0].p[1]*4)/4 - .02 )"
    i get div: bad number
    sub: bad number
    ceil and floor doen't like me refering to the current cell within it. i dont know how else to do that. I also tried jit.floor and jit.ceil but they didn't work either.