Fluid circular LED ring on a Livid Code. Arc emulation?

    Jun 19 2012 | 2:37 pm
    Hi there,
    So I've I bought a Livid Code, I would recommend it, it is very cool and nice.
    I am trying to emulate a kind of Arc style/Turntable interface and i'm running into a bit of trouble in the maths department. Since the LED rings around each encoder on the Code is not a full 360 degrees, I am wanting to create a fluid running circle which kind of ignores the fact that it is not 360.
    So this is what i've done so far, I would really appreciate someone just checking on this for me.

    • Jun 19 2012 | 3:37 pm
      First of all, are you using the code's encoder in +/- mode so it can directly control your 360 degree encoder? That would be how I do it because then you only worry about the led and not about the encoder position itself.
      I see a problem where you use your split 0 127.
      If you want the led ring to be accurate and sync with your 360 encoder, 0 on the first cannot be 0 on the latter.
      0 on the led ring is about 16 on your 360 encoder. I made that change to your patcher, but I am not sure if it's what you want. I'm not 100% sure my numbers are exact either..
      I have an idea if you are really determined.. with sysex, you can create just about any led patterns for each of the led ring. Right now I set it so the led ring are used normally when the value is between 16 and 143... but when it's outside of this range, it doesn't mean you couldn't animate it in so way to reflect where the ring is. What I have in mind is when the value is between the 144 to 15 range, you could turn off different led on your full circle to bring back the same angle covered by the missing 60 degrees at the bottom, but you light it up at the top.. sorry I can't explain it better.. but maybe I can draw it..
      Here. The black dot shows the position of the 360 degree encoder. the blue represents the led. So I turn off one of the led based on the position of the black dot. This can be done with sysex message.
    • Jun 19 2012 | 4:22 pm
      I have only just realised that you can put it in different modes, so thats cool. I'm using it the mode where there is just one led at a time (walk mode).
      I'm very intrigued about your sysex idea, and I think the idea of having a gap in the ring to show the off-the-ring values is a fantastic idea. The only trouble is, I have little experience with sysex. I assume it can be done with the [sysexin] object. I will try and scour the interwebz on information to get it to work, but if you could post any examples to get me started that would be so helpful.
      Many thanks for your response and help.
    • Nov 30 2012 | 4:15 pm
      I just came across this post, so sorry if I'm late to the party. Here's a patch and some js that provides a complete, if terse, example of how to control the Livid Code LED rings with sysex. It also, by chance, demonstrates how to automatically find the Code controller on startup.