Jul 30 2006 | 10:51 pm
    i've been using the [folder] object for a long time, no problem. then
    i reinstalled the system the other day and accidentally trashed max's
    prefs, which i thought was no biggie, but then i just realised all my
    patches that use [folder] act weird: if i use Unix-like path messages
    like [/Users/potax/audio/whatever( , i get errors in the max window
    telling me that is not a folder, although it is, and i included it in
    the search path. i tried using max-like path messages like
    disc:Users:potax... and it worked. but my patches had unix-like
    messages cause they used to work til yesterday! max is the same
    version (4.2.1). is there a more *modern* version of [folder]? what am
    i missing? thanks y'all