Font Type problem

    May 18 2006 | 1:07 am
    i'm mading a patch on my PC, but when i open it on a MAC the font type change an al buttons appear with two lines of text insted one!
    there are any message that i can "loadbang it" to set ex: arial 9?
    i've been loking for this but can't find.
    hope you can help.

    • May 20 2006 | 8:47 pm
      this is, I believe, because serif is mapped to Arial on windows while being mapped to a different font on Mac, Geneva I believe. I think what happened is Geneva is an Apple font? That's my best guess.
    • May 20 2006 | 10:22 pm
      What was that american law that caused people to put disclaimers on their pirate sites, telling fbi not to go any further? I would like to put one of these here, so if you're affiliated with apple, read no further or you'll burn in hell.
      yes, it's because of font mapping, but you can find Geneva true type font for windows too. I've found it in one of those xp .msstyles skin packs (which caused my laptop to crash during fight for Jan's croissant), and it seems that they do the job(but there were some ugly versions too). You don't have to install skins, just look for .ttf files.
    • May 20 2006 | 10:49 pm
      tankx for the help but my problem it's mutch deeper than finding one font.
      i've Geneva, but my "hyper patch" has trilions of butons and messages and a lot of subpatches and tons of thing with "arial".
      so, 'cause i don't whant to change them all... about a week of work i'm looking for some other way to chang it...
      ...BUT... my professor told me that are something (object, script, bla bla bla) that i can use to order that king of operation. ex: " i whant to conect all outlets to all inlets"... "enter" and the "thing" do that.
      tankx for your time!
    • May 20 2006 | 11:45 pm
      first, make backups of all the patches you have.
      then, checkout 'file->open as text' and 'edit->find' + replace commands, they can replace word 'Arial' with 'Geneva' for you, automatically.
      check this file: max-font-mappings.txt in your program files/common files/cycling'74/init folder. be sure to backup this one too before fiddling around.
      but what about arial people? the geneva patches seem to look fine in arial too. fonts look quite alike, it's the space between the lines that's bigger in arial, and geneva has a bit more space between characters:
    • May 21 2006 | 1:48 am
      The short answer to the question: > there are any message that i can "loadbang it" to set ex: arial 9?
      is no.
      I have invested quite a bit of effort into circumventing Max' font idiosyncracies. Basically, no matter what you do to make something look "nice" (however you want to define that word) on one platform, Max will almost certainly do something to make it look unnice on every other platform (OS X, OS 9-and-earlier, XP). There is not just the font mapping issue (init/max-fontmappings.txt), there is also the 'window linecount' message to the patcher (which you might want to edit by saving your patchers as text).
      I am increasingly converting text to images in order to get a consistent platform-independent layout. A drag, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
      Good luck, Peter