force quit doesn't work on max??

    Jun 15 2006 | 12:06 am
    Does anyone else here have this Problem?
    max gives me the accursed beachball of death when i try to switch from ad_rewire in the DSP status window to anything else. It freezes. when I try to force quit it doesn't quit "all the way" - the arrow remains beneath the max icon in the dock and then max won't open OR close. I have to restart to get it back.
    iMac 2.1 Ghz powerPC G5, os x 10.4.6, 1.5 GB SDRAM

    • Jun 15 2006 | 7:29 am
      having the same problem...
      Whenever I quit, the damn program doesnt quit!
      It just sets there, and wont even Force quit.
    • Jun 15 2006 | 11:39 am
      I occasionally have had the same problem, but not reproducibly.
      Just out of curiousity - what version of ReWire are you using? Is it the brand new one (1.7 I think) just released by Propellerheads?
      -- Dan Nigrin Defective Records 202 Hack / PC-1600 User / VSTi Host / OMS Convert / Jack OS X
    • Jun 15 2006 | 1:47 pm
      I have the same problem but its not caused by rewire. Max just sometimes will not kill when it crashes, which means a restart.
    • Jun 16 2006 | 1:39 pm
      same here on Windows XP. Often, when Max crashes, there's no way to totally kill it or restart it and a hard reboot is required.
    • Jun 16 2006 | 2:16 pm
      I never had quitting issues in WXP , it displays the classic "Max has crashed dialogue", which happens often (when I try to drag numboxes to millions hehe) but never ever had to reboot
      I use it in mac too and it has had an erratic behaviour, sometimes it forcequits and sometimes have to reboot
      -another score for WXP-
    • Jun 16 2006 | 8:16 pm
      This behavior is very consistant, however if I start the host app first (Logic) and save and quit both apps often enough I can avoid it. Still, it seems pretty lame. On my G4 pwrbook this doesn't happen.
      I just installed Pro Tools LE 7.0 and Digi Performer 4.6 so I assume my rewire is probably pretty fresh? Maybe I should uninstall some of this junk...
    • Jun 17 2006 | 6:42 pm
      not at all here. I crashes Max around 20 times a day when i'm writing externals, for example, and i just have to relaunch it. Having to reboot is when you do something really really bad...
    • Jul 28 2006 | 10:14 am
      i've started getting the same thing on my powerbook G4, i can t force quit max msp , it keeps reappearing. im also getting this with Live....have to logout/back in. I've never got this with any application until this week , since i upgraded to Tiger 10.4. (also installed Live, but i'm not sure that would cause this). i reckon its the OS is flaky