Four output channel patches and headphones (Sennheiser PC 363D)

    Jun 05 2013 | 12:19 pm
    Hi to all. I'm a fresh French newby on this forum, and rather newby on MaxMSP too (one year of moderate practice).
    I have realized patches with four channel outputs (for spatial effects) among which synthesized sounds and real time transformation patches.
    I'm not fully equipped in terms of sound card, 4 HP set and the like, except for occasions when my compositions or rehearsed and played. I thus wanted to experience a quadraphonic-like sound, for testing and "debugging" purpose.
    I bought a Sennheiser PC 363D headphones with integrated microphone. It is said to be 4-channels and even 5.1 compatible, and although it is mainly aimed at video games players, I hoped I would find a way to use with MaxMSP.
    I use Windows 7 and the Windows driver shipped with the headphones by Sennheiser.
    The driver is well installed, I can hear a 4 channels-like effect when configuring the headphones via the Windows control panel, alas I found no way to make these four output channels appear in MaxMSP setting Windows. Trying "DSP Status " and "I/O mapping" just shows me the headphone brand and model, but only with two outputs.
    I Wonder if there's some trick to have MaxMSP see 4 channels in this configuration, a driver to install, a hidden setting (other than going to the DSP status Windows), a magical message to send to MaxMSP, whatever).
    Hope I've been clear and thourough enough, thanks in advance for your suggestions and experiences.
    MaxMSP-ly yours